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Sleeping With The Enemy- Lisa Dyble

No two emotions are more powerful and contrasting than love and hate. In Sleeping With The Enemy, two former adversaries must now work together to unravel a sinister conspiracy, or face being eliminated as a couple of “loose ends”. While struggling to remain one step ahead of a relentless stalker, they must also reconcile a growing mutual attraction that by all logic shouldn’t exist.

The story begins when Wade Scott discovers that his sister, Janie, has been framed for drug trafficking, and his brother-in-law, Cliff Peterson, has died in a bombing. Cliff was a private eye and Tanya Riverton was his last client before his investigation got him killed. Blonde, beautiful and undeniably sexy, Tanya Riverton holds the key to Cliff’s demise.  She also happens to hate every fiber of Wade’s existence.

After a mysterious fall leaves Tanya battling with amnesia, Wade masquerades as her boyfriend in order to learn what knowledge of Cliff’s death might be trapped inside her head.  But what starts as strictly business turns intimately personal when the chemistry between them ignites and desire overrides self control.  As Wade risks his life to keep both of them alive, he knows he’s now playing a doubly dangerous game that is going to explode on a whole new level the moment Tanya’s memory returns and she discovers she’s been Sleeping With The Enemy.

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